In Dominique Silberstein's photos, the invisible is always as present as the visible. He explores the depths of his subjects rather than simply reflecting the surface. The petals of an iris become erotic, a cathedral intimate, the curve of a body cause for vertigo… he's a lover of pure beauty.? ." He likes to compose on-the-spot,improvising the setup to reveal the strength of his subjects. Thus, he inspires an African woman to dance across his lens like a lioness,wraps a naked body in metal mesh to accentuate it's beauty, or contrasts the luster of a flask with the arid earth on which he sets it.

« the sun is the origin of all light »


In 1978, the start of his career, Dominique opened a photography studio in New York. For ten years, he photographed some of the most beautiful women in the world.In 1988 Dominique first took off around the world, capturing it's treasures on film, with Vogue magazine. Spectacular landscapes, astonishing architecture, fabulous hotels, slices of life… a new passion for this artist who's creed is natural light.
For him "the sun is the origin of all light, for which we should give thanks At the onset of the 21st century, it is the perfume that brings Dominique at the other end of the world to discover or rather rediscover "new" stars that have for names Tuberose of India, Vanilla of Commores, Osmanthus of China and of course many more Scents from around the world. Those are sensory, sensual and initiatory travels that are rendered in pictures in Dominique’s book «Secrets de plantes à parfum »
In 2005, Dominique received the «Prix Jasmin » a prize that rewards the talents of journalists and photographers involved in the media illustrating and covering the world of the perfume's industry. In 2006 Dominique paid homage this time to the universe of spices and perfumes bottles in the book « Des épices au parfum »

Today, the many encounters, the miles travelled, have forged an unconventional, multi-faceted photographer, who continues capturing the light of all that surrounds him…as long as it has a soul.